The Cobalt Valkyrie-X will make you believe in Santa. Resembling a rose gold raindrop, this private plane looks like the product of elf magic, not human engineering. And yet, it is the brainchild of fellow human David Loury, aerospace engineer and founder of Cobalt.

With Christmas fast approaching, this is the best gift for anyone who can fly or likes to be flown. Equipped with a 350-horsepower engine, the Cobalt Valkyrie-X can go as fast as 230 miles per hour, putting Santa’s worn out reindeer to shame.

Inspired by classic fighter jets, this bad boy is one of the fastest piston aircrafts in the world, featuring the world’s largest one-piece canopy. Not only is the exterior coated in rose-gold, but the flight controls are also plated in it. Redefining luxury travel, the Cobalt Valkyrie sells for $1,500,000 — start saving!