This Resort on a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean is a Diver’s Paradise

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Located of the coast of Honduras in the Gulf of Mexico, Villa on Dunbar Rock resort is built, as its name suggests, on a rock in the middle of the ocean, and because of its unique location, offers one of the best diving vacation experiences in the world. It’s surrounded by crystal-clear waters with a beautiful coral reef and the shipwrecked Jado Trader nearby and ready for exploration.

The resort is a two-minute boat ride from the nearby Guanaja Island, which is also where you’ll find the nearest beach and airport. The main building contains eight luxury suites with four-star accommodations. There’s also a full kitchen and living and dining areas. Outside you’ll find a picturesque garden, pool and small oak forest for shade.

Local legend has it that Black Beard the Pirate used Dunbar Rock for mooring, and that he buried treasure somewhere on the island. No rubies or gold were found during construction, but interestingly, the builders did come across a hidden cave containing several pieces of pre-Columbian pottery.

Rates vary depending on the season, but are surprisingly affordable no matter what time of year to decide to go. You can even rent the whole villa for $30,000.


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