This Open-Concept Trimaran Superyacht Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

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The Parisian design firm VPLP's newest boat – the Komorebi concept trimaran superyacht – is one of the most light-enhanced superyachts on the water. It’s particularly fitting for the 282-foot luxury boat, as komorebi is Japanese for “curtain of light”.

The interior of the sailing yacht concept features floor-to-ceiling windows that literally wrap around the main deck, letting natural light consistently flow in. It’s an open floor plan, with an enormous saloon that oversees a small garden with a living tree, a swimming pool, and the ocean.

Even its propulsion systems are green; automated wing sails help deliver speeds up to 15 knots in a 20-knot wind, so owners can cruise for weeks with minimal engine support. In its hybrid mode, the yacht will can 30 percent in fuel consumption during a transatlantic crossing.

The designers aimed for a trim and sophisticated look, moving away from the military or 1930s-style cruise-ship profiles that many superyacht developers prefer these days.


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