For those with an affinity for ocean life will fall head-over-heels in love with this spectacular concept, which floats atop the ocean.


Tangram 3DS is an international 3D & Designs Solutions firm and works with many different clients to creature architectural masterpieces catered to their clientele’s liking. This particular concept is a home-away-from-home resting on the Aegean Sea so owners can truly feel like they are living on the water.

Keeping with the aquatic theme, this home was designed to look like a stingray with its tail a means of driving up to the home. It even has a roundabout to facilitate coming and going into the beautiful home - via your Aston Martin, of course.


The home’s interior is no less impressive, offering luxe materials in muted colors to force guests to pay attention of the true star of the show via the floor-to-ceiling windows: the great outdoors.


The Floating Stingray’s kitchen is sleek and fully-equipped with stainless steel appliances. The living area is the perfect spot to sit down with a good book.


Outside, there is also an enormous patio featuring a sandy beach, firepit, hot tub, dock for small bots and even an infinity pool. We can’t wait until this concept blossoms into a reality.


[ Source: HiConsumption ]