This New Luxury Private Airplane Can Take Off and Land From Your Tennis Court

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Spending some time at the airport checking bags, going through security checks and heading over to the actual plane is a necessary evil, even for those who own their own private jets. Fortunately, the guys and gals over at XTI Aircraft are in the process of developing an airplane that is small enough to land on a helipad or tennis court and doesn’t need much room to lift off. It’s called the XTI TriFan 600.
Late last year, the TriFan 600 gathered some $14.5 million in crowdfunding via StartEngine and while it’s still a concept, it’s that much closer to becoming a reality.Its three fans allows the aircraft to lift of vertically (much like a helicopter) and within a few moments, you’ve lifted off.

The TriFan 600 can reach its maximum cruising speed of 400 mph (340 kts) in 90 seconds and it takes 11 minutes to reach its maximum cruising altitude, which is 30,000 feet. When it comes to landing, the process is simply reversed and the aircraft lands vertically once again.
The plane can accommodate a total of six people - 1 pilot and 5 passengers. The interior is furnished with high-tech features and luxe materials. But perhaps the most beautiful thing about this aircraft is its convenience.
Imagine not having to date an entire day off of work to go to a business meetings in neighbouring city. With he XTI TriFan 600, you don’t need to spend money on a driver to take you to the airport, or spend precious time in a lineup (whether it be to check your bag on security check). This aircraft takes you directly from Point A to Point B without the hassle in between.
We can’t wait until this concept turns into a reality!

 Source: [ StartEngine ]


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