Chevy has replied to Dodge’s 10,000HP (that’s not a typo) Charger, with a five-digit car of their own.

The muscle-car-turned-rocket-ship is capable of hitting an impossible 330mph in four seconds.It’s a funny looking car, but that power is no joke.
The Chevy’s body is based on the sixth-gen Camaro SS, featuring a massive front splitter and rear wing, presumably to keep the driver from gaining air rather than gaining speed.
Sixteen-time NHRA champion John Force will pilot the rocket car:

“I started my career in a Chevrolet and I couldn’t be more excited to put this new Camaro SS Funny Car on the track. With all the assistance from Chevrolet, it not only looks great, it’s designed to perform better than anything we’ve had before, with a shape that should help us get down the track quicker and with greater stability.”

So what’s the point of creating a 10,000HP racer?

“Racing improves the breed and that’s why Chevrolet races,” said Chevy US vice president, Jim Campbell.

“The wins we record on the track help us design better cars customers will buy in the showroom.”