If you’re planning your next trip to Morocco, you may be interested in staying at one of the country’s newest and most sumptuous hotels: L’Hôtel Marrakech. With its high-contrast yet traditional decor, you might find it to be one of the most elegant accommodations you’ve visited yet.

The hotel sits in a 19th-century palace and is owned by Jasper Conrad, a leading British designer of women’s clothing. Keeping with the building’s historic feel, the decor is a mix of antique relics and statues plus modern furnishings such as chairs and drapes.

The suites (prices between $310-500 per night) feature furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl beds (king sized, of course), as well as large bathrooms boasting tadalakt bathtubs.

To ensure you’ll never go to bed on an empty stomach,  L’Hôtel Marrakech boasts a large menu with a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes including fish pastilla and slow-cooked tagines. The selection looks absolutely divine!

Step outside for a walk and you’ll see the hotel grounds have a variety of different trees such as banana, orange, honeysuckle and even jasmine.

Adjacent to the greenery is a pool, perfect for a quick afternoon dip when the sun becomes too much.

Beautiful during the day and dramatically romantic at night, L’Hôtel Marrakech is definitely the place to let your weary body lay after a long day’s travel.

[Source: RobbReport ]