Gone are the days of spectacular Egyptian pyramids where Pharaohs were laid to rest. Today’s homes are square or rectangular in shape, but it’s not surprising that after a while, even architects get bored of drawing the same shape over and over again. Thanks to Juan Carlos Ramos, the idea that pyramid-like structures are strictly for ancient royal tombs has been erased!

The idea for this “Modern Pyramid House” was submitted by Ramos as a concept for an architecture competition and it is definitely begging to be built! One side of the home is completely made of glass, giving the interior all the natural light it needs during the day to practically work lightbulb-free!

The Michoacan-based architect has included a carport, balcony and even a spiral staircase in this three storey home which has a very open concept to maximize the given space. Although we’ll never know if we’ll live to see the day this concept become a reality, here’s to dreaming!

[ Source: HiConsumption ]