Fantasy meets reality at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, located in Lapland, Finland.  Surrounded by snow-covered pine trees that touch the twilight sky, this is the best place to witness the magic of a polar night. Not only is the resort located in the world’s most beautiful and dangerously cold setting, but it also offers unique tours that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. You can go on a husky or reindeer safari; you can take an icebreaker cruise; you can go skiing on the secluded mountains; and you can go ice fishing with a local guide. Most impressive of all is the accommodation. Designed to give you an unforgettable Northern Lights experience, Kakslauttanen offers ten different types of accommodation for both the low maintenance and high maintenance traveler. All 10 options have one thing in common — they leave you breathless. Check them out for yourself:

1. Glass Igloo
This brilliant room makes it impossible to miss the Northern Lights. Built for two people, you can curl up with your significant other and snuggle under the Aurora until you fall asleep.
2. Kelo-Glass Igloos
This room gives you the best of both worlds — a gorgeous view of the Northern Lights and the comfort of a log cabin. 
3.Log Cabin

Made from large kelo pines, this fairytale cabin will keep you warm all night thanks to the fireplace.
4. Snow Igloo

If you want a real arctic experience, sleep in a classic igloo. It may be uncomfortable, but it makes for a good story. 
5. Queen Suite

Designed for high maintenance lovebirds, the Queen Suite is fit for a queen, especially if she loves outdoor Jacuzzis.   

6.  Wedding Chamber

Equipped with a sauna and large bathtub, this love nest is the perfect setting to consummate your marriage.

7. Traditional House

If you want a taste of Lapland history, this century-old traditional house promises to deliver an authentic experience.
 8. Sivakka
This is the largest cabin on the resort. Equipped with a living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, fireplace and sauna, this is the best option for your arctic office party.
9. Santa’s Home
While Santa does laps around the world on his sleigh, why not crash at his home for a couple nights?
10. Gold Digger Cabin 
Located on the banks of the Golden River, this cabin comes with its own sauna and kick sled. If you’re lucky, you might even find a gold nugget hiding under a pile of snow.