If there ever was a zombie apocalypse—or full-on thermonuclear war—this $17.5M bunker is probably the first place anyone would want to be trapped in.

The two-story, 12-bedroom bunker for sale in Tifton, Georgia, is the ultimate getaway from monsters or the worries of life. It has all the entertainment to keep you preoccupied – conference room, computer room, commercial kitchen, library, home theater, recreation room, "great room," workshop – as well as internet access through 2 DSL lines.

Amenities aside, it’s a bunker first and foremost, and this one can withstand most nuclear/asteroid/chemical/disease-caused/zombie apocalypses. The fortress features three-foot thick hardened concrete walls capable of withstanding a 20-kiloton nuclear blast, decontamination showers, secure air intake and HVAC systems, a private water system, and solar power capabilities. Here are some more shots of the inside, and admittedly, they're not the nicest design, but when war's waging outside and you need to be safe and comfortable, they do look pretty safe and, well, comfortable.