This Lamborghini Aventador Owner Had a Horrible Friday

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Think you’re having a bad Friday?

It can’t be worse than this unlucky Lamborghini Aventador owner, whose supercar was t-boned while he was in a meeting. The mayhem was shot by local photographer   Luke Appleby  and posted on his Twitter account.

The owner thought his ride was safe on a street in Auckland, New Zealand, until an elderly man driving a Mercedes-Benz came crashing in. The two car owners greeted each other in front of a swarming crowd, with the Aventador owner surprisingly calm throughout everything.

"[The Mercedes-Benz driver] was an elderly guy, I can't sit there and yell at him, if it was your dad how would you feel?” said the Lambo owner, who chose to remain anonymous.

“I mean it's a mistake, he didn't crash it and then run away, he was okay about it, he stayed around. He had a pretty nice car too.”

Now that’s taking the high road.

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