Ferraris can stuff it and your Lambo makes me sick. Sorry sports car fans, but the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is the sexiest piece of metal ever made and this is your chance to own one...

Once upon a time it was not only the fastest production car ever, but also the most expensive--$17,000 in 1968 dollars, when the average cost of a new car was $2,822.

Admittedly this isn't one of the original 18 cars built for homologation purposes , technically it's a continuation model by  Giovanni Giordanengo -- but that's not the entire story.
The body itself is an all-aluminum recreation, Alfa Romeo actually lent Giordanengo the 33 Stradale from their museum so he could sculpt the new body to exact spec. To date GG has built six continuation Stradales.

But what makes this continuation special is the fact that it rides on a mostly original chassis. The front and rear sections of the chassis along with most of the suspension actually came from the second 33 Stradale ever made. The original body of chassis #2 is long gone after it had been converted to a concept car by one of the Italian coachbuilders.
The car doesn't actually run at the moment, but everything necessary is included. The interior, suspension, brakes and wiring is already completed--the last part of the job is bolting together the motor.

The in-pieces-engine is a hodgepodge of legit Stradale parts. The crankcase is from another 33, as are the cylinder heads, crankshaft and pistons. The six-speed gearbox has already been fitted to the car; it's legitimate as well.
The seller is also throwing in a 3.0L V8 from the later Alfa Romeo Montreal--but if I were you I'd rebuild the original 2.0L V8 because she'll scream until 10,000 rpm, or at least until you run out of stamina.

Continuation or not this is one of the most special cars in the world, and if you don't believe me just ask Henry Wessells II, the first man to ever own a 33 Stradale:

“Once, on the autostrada to Venice, I ran it for 4 km at its 10,000 rpm rev limit in sixth, I clocked it at 180 mph. Amazingly below 150 mph there was little engine noise, but past 160 it became really intense inside. The car was fantastically stable – even in crosswinds it still ran brilliantly straight.”

The car will be sold on Saturday May 14th at  COYS ‘Legend et Passion’ auction  in Monaco.