What happens when you put wings on a superyacht? It becomes the Skyacht One, the world’s most beautiful private jet.
This bad boy is an exclusive, highly customized version of its flagship jet, the Lineage 1000E. It is equipped with a full range of 4,600 nautical miles and over 4,000 cubic feet of cabin space.
If you didn’t have to make pit stops for fuel, you could spend the rest of your life aboard the Skyacht One. It has a conference room, cocktail bar, and master suite, equipped with a bathroom, shower and bed.
Fit for royalty, Skyacht One features a planetary clock embedded in a marquetry mural, reminding you that time is money. To top it off, controls and faucets are bejewelled — this gold bathroom faucet resembles the dual throttles of a classic powerboat:
If you’re a billionaire, A-List celebrity or the Queen of England, this is the ride you’ve been waiting for.