This is What $70 Million Can Get You in New York City

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Ah, New York City: the hub of fashion, art and home to many of the rich and famous. Currently up for grabs is this $70 million condominium up in Walker Tower’s penthouse, which has one of the most wondrous views of the city, especially at night when the city lights dot the skyline.

This property, affectionately dubbed the “crown jewel” of the Walker Tower, has a total of 5,955 square feet and contains five bedrooms and bathrooms.
Walking through the hallway, you’re already awed by the elegant, minimalistic decor. Compared to New York City’s bustling streets, this condo is a breath of fresh air (or we can thank central air conditioning for that).
The main seating room features black-and-white decor and actually has two main areas - one with chairs and a few small coffee “tables” and another with a couch and two chairs facing a fireplace. This entire room offers floor-to-ceiling doors to take in as much natural light as possible - plus, look at that view!
With its fireplace and very unique desk, this condo’s study is the go-to place to hold small meetings or talk to clients. If they don’t seem to be listening to you, that may be because of the view just behind your desk.
The kitchen holds views that are just as beautiful. Wash your fruits and vegetables in one of two sinks while staring into the sunset and letting all of the day’s stress just float away.
This bathroom is truly a sight to behold. The entire decor is either white, black or stainless steel and the three come together in perfect harmony. This bathroom features a huge double sink, vanity mirror, bathtub and a walk-in shower, all bathed in natural light from another floor-to-ceiling door.
The master bedroom boasts hardwood floors, a third fireplace, a bedroom on a raised platform and even a small area with a sink and some countertop space. No more walking to the kitchen to get that glass of water you so crave at the wee hours of the morning.
But that’s not all $70 million can get you. Also included is a security system, a doorman, an elevator (wheelchair access…and how else would you get there?), plenty of balcony space as well as a washer and dryer set. What else could you possibly ask for?

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