If you recall the flying automobiles from the animated kid’s show called “The Jetsons”, you might be asking yourself “It’s 2016! Where’s the flying cars, for crying out loud?!” Well, this aircraft with wheels might just be the answer to your question.
This is the AeroMobile 3.0 and according to CEO Juraj Vaculik, the flying vehicle will hit the production line next year in 2017.
The Slovakian company vowed to make the AeroMobile 3.0 more than just an experiment, but we seriously doubt this will ever hit the streets. But here’s to hoping, because it would be pretty badass!
Besides being appealing to the rich and famous who have nowhere else to spend their money, the Jetsons-like aircraft could potentially be a life-saver during emergency situations.
It’ll definitely be a challenge to ensure this aircraft-gone-rogue meets the compliance needs of an aircraft and car, but we’ll be patiently waiting until it does!

[ Source: LuxuryLaunches ]