Long plane rides shouldn’t be boring, especially if you’re aboard your own private jet. An endless stream of movies and cellphone applications can only kill so much time, and the view from your little window isn’t exactly enthralling.

This is where the SkyDeck comes in. Designed and built by WindSpeed Technologies, this revolutionary concept aims to make your flights a little less boring (and kick your exclusiveness up a few notches). SkyDeck is a one- or two-seater glass-encased dome fitted atop private jets and planes that offers an amazing view of the cloud-spotted world above.This product is currently patent and awaiting trademark - we can’t wait until this becomes a reality! To reach the SkyDeck, you can either opt to have a staircase fitted into your aircraft or have an elevator installed so the seats will simply rise towards the sky.
The SkyDeck can be installed on private jets as a VIP amenity or can even be installed into passenger airliners as an extra cost to passengers. The SkyDeck’s tear-drop design will not interfere with the plane’s aerodynamics and its profile minimizes drag.
The dome will be made with similar high-strength materials used in supersonic fighter jets and will be designed to withstand all conditions, including bird strikes. This SkyDeck comes at a hefty price- anywhere between $8-25 million, depending on the aircraft type.

Source: [ SkyDeck ]