Esteemed watchmaker Hublot launched its MP-05 LaFerrari three years ago and in the process broke a record for the timepiece with the most number of parts in a movement. Inspired by the coveted Ferrari LaFerrari supercar, this was a “superwatch,” a timer that cost $300,000 and saw the Swiss watchmaker get uber-tech. Fast forward three years and Hublot is back with a refresh—rhe MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire—a watch that outprices many supercars.

The new MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire is more of an evolution than an overhaul and in terms of differences this means a new case machined from sapphire, which takes 600 hours of precise work to complete over 18 months of development.

The idea of the angled sapphire casing, aside from its durability, is to give a full open window into what is arguably Hublot’s finest work ever, the intricate movement that sets the MP-05 LaFerrari apart. And that movement continues to impress, with 637 components all working together to power the timepiece.

Other key specs and features are retained from the original 2013 LaFerrari, including a 50-day power reserve, which is still a record for a hand wound Tourbillon today. The “cool factor” gets an added boost from the mini power drill that winds the timepiece, while the 11 series-coupled barrels set in a spine formation still dominate the center of the watch and keep the movement turning for up to seven weeks.

This exclusive new edition is limited to just 20 units.

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