Starting at $10,000 for the higher-end Apple Watches, the iMogul company drew harsh criticism for being too expensive. Watch innovators Pinnacle scoffed at the idea, and have souped up Apple’s flagship product with their own spin on the Apple Watch.

The Skyview Pinnacle  from boutique timepiece manufacturer Nico Gerard caters to a clientele that appreciates fine timepieces, but also wants to have the latest gadget on their wrist. So why not both?

The watch’s ‘frontside’ comes with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement that takes six months to produce. Flip the piece around, and you’ll find a transplanted Apple Watch, looking confused and all out of place.

Interestingly, two of the three available Skyview models are cheaper than the original, high-end Apple product – starting at $9,300 for a black model or $9,500 for a blue model. Both include a stainless steel Apple Watch slapped on the back. The top model, an all-gold version, runs for $112,000.

Both watches on each model works as it would as a standalone, so you’ve got no excuse to be running late anymore. Shipments will begin in a couple of months.