If the idea of getting off the grid and spending time in the mountains appeals to you, this Living Ecological Alpine Pod, or LEAP, could be a perfect option. Designed to be placed in any remote alpine area, by helicopter drop, the pod requires minimal assembly and does not disturb the natural environment it is put in. 

The prefabricated modular pod is completely self-sufficient and includes a living/ dining unit with a pantry and cooker. It also has a sleeping unit, made up of several bunk beds that are adjustable for comfort, and the entrance section includes storage, a drying rack and rescue equipment. The pod also creates its own power supply through the photovoltaic film that is incorporated in the outer shell.

The materials employed in the LEAP's design resist the harsh conditions of high altitudes. It is thermally insulated, and the cylindrical design was selected because it offers the best performance under exceptionally challenging conditions, which are common in mountain environments.

The off-site construction process also keeps sustainability and the environment in mind, as it leaves no leftover waste. And the manufacturing process makes use of only ecological certified materials and processes.