The Deepflight Dragon , a two-person operated submarine, takes underwater exploration to new depths. With the ability to hover or fly—and with a depth rating of 400-feet—the Dragon gives freedom to discover underwater sights people rarely witness.

It’s extremely safe thanks to its fixed positive buoyancy, meaning it will always naturally float back to the surface. There’s no variable ballast system, no drop weights – just pure, safe underwater adventuring.

The operation of the Deepflight Dragon requires little training with its DeepFlight Dive Manager (DDM), a proprietary technology that monitors and manages critical functions.

Its high-efficiency brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack makes for a quiet, fast, and clean ride. Environmentally friendly, a 40V system voltage and low electric signature make the Dragon safe to operate around others, as well as any large marine animals you’ll hopefully encounter.