It’s a picture-perfect scene: tying the knot with your significant other, waving to friends and families as you make your way out of the church, and ride off into the sunset as newlyweds. That didn’t happen for this couple, whose getaway came to a crashing halt when they smashed their rented, $342,000 Ferrari 458 Spider into a brick wall.

The crash occurred in Burnley, Lancashire, UK when the driver lost control, either from getting lost in his wife’s eyes, or couldn’t resist putting the 4.5-liter V8’s 570 horsepower to the test. Whatever the reason, it resulted in the front of the sports car being totaled.
The owner of the 458 Spider is a rental company called Platinum Executive Travel, who’ve been around long enough to see it all – yup, this isn’t the first rental they’ve had crushed.
In a five-week stretch two years ago, the company had four cars destroyed with damages totaling $713,000, including a Lamborghini that was set ablaze by family members at a wedding.

Nothing like a union of two loved ones (and a car fire) to bring people together, right?