We all know  Hyundai  builds cars, but now the Korean automaker wants to get into the robot business.  Hyundai has released photos of a “wearable robot” exoskeleton that it has developed, an invention the brand compares to the suit featured in the  Iron Man  movie franchise.
“Hyundai Motor Group is developing a wearable robot because it is being targeted for commercialization,” says a post that appeared on an official Hyundai blog. “Look into the future of wearable robotic mobility to get ahead,” finished the post, which was translated from Korean.
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As demonstrated by a set of photos, the suit has a number of benefits including giving the wearer the ability to lift heavy objects, to help with walking for those who are disabled and for physical therapy purposes. Beyond those uses, Hyundai also said that this type of suit could be used in factories and in the military.
Hyundai didn’t outline a timeline for when we might be able to expect a wearable robot suit to see actual production and sale.

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