If you’re constantly trekking to and from work you know the importance of a high-quality bag that is both slick enough for the office but durable enough to beat and bang through every day life.

Here to compete for that special spot in your life is the Lotuff leather satchel:

Perfect for heading into the office on any given day plus those overnight business trips, this bag is larger than a briefcase yet smaller than a carry-on bag (and much, much better looking).

It can easily carry your laptop, important files plus a toiletry bag and some clothes for a quick getaway.

This vegetable-tanned leather bag boasts adjustable side straps, a lining-free interior and no zippers so you can stuff as much as you want into it without worrying if it’ll zip closed. Available in three shades (natural, chestnut and black), you can get this bad boy for approximately $1,600 but once you see how often you use it (and how durable it it), it might be the best travel investment you’ve ever made.

[Source: Airows ]