When you’ve bought something you’ve dreamed about your entire life, it’s only natural to want your guests to gush over it just as much as you do. It’s for that reason why architect and designer Yoshiaki Yamashita created the Garage Terrace House. 
This home is unlike any other, as it makes your precious vehicle the center of attention of the home, much like it does your life. It’s every car enthusiast’s dream! The garage is located adjacent to the kitchen and living area so anyone who is visiting will get a front-row seat of your beauty on display through the glass windows. Your car is practically in your living room and kitchen!
The rest of the home is brought together by the raised timber ceilings and gorgeous natural light spilling through its floor-to-ceiling windows.
Even the washroom features an elegant design, fusing modern aesthetics with natural beauty through glass dividers, clean lines and a touch of nature.
The cube-like modern apartment contains 1,800 square feet of space and is sure to wow anyone who walks inside, as they surely won’t expect to have a car right next door to your kitchen when they get the grand tour.
Source: [ HiConsumption ]