What we wouldn’t give to go back to the golden era of airplanes - flying in comfort with melt-in-your-mouth food, cushy seats and, best of all: tons of leg room.

Fortunately, there are still a few companies around who aim to give us the experience of flying in comfort…and with a hell of a lot of style.

The 1000E Manhattan airplane was developed by Embaraer Executive Jets and the interior is seriously drool worthy. Laid from top to bottom with deep mahogany wood panels and brass trim, the bar is set pretty high once you feast your eyes on this gorgeous bird.

Behind the cockpit is “Cloud Club”, which is a luxury lounge inspired by the Chrysler building. This Club boasts beautiful art deco mural of the New York City skyline, including the iconic Empire State Building. Here, you can also take one of three seats where a bartender serves you whatever libation your heart so desires.

The bar features retractable bar seats which can be folded to be flush against the bar for more legroom.

If the Cloud Club begins to bore, you can always walk past the bar to the next section of the plane, which has an abundance of seating options including sofas and one-person seats.

Dinner is best served in The Chrystal Room, where put to six passengers can lavishly dine in style.

While no pricing is readily available, we’re sure someone with a fixation for the Big Apple will swoop in and purchase the plane while it’s still hot!

[ Source: Airows ]