Most of us don’t want to go back to work after we come back from a vacation, especially when we’re waving goodbye to the gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Well if you dread that feeling and have an extra $10 million to spare, this spectacular villa on the West coast of St. Lucia is definitely for you.

Situated right next to a World Class Viceroy Resort and bordering a forest reserve, this estate is all about rest and relaxation while you marvel at gorgeous Caribbean sea.
Dubbed the “Arc en Ciel” (Rainbow) this place is more like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with its jaw-dropping exterior and interior decor. The entire property measures about 1.4 acres with the home being approximately 8,000 square feet.
This villa boasts five beds and baths, but what is really awe-inspiring is the Master suite. Wake up to an incredible view of the Caribbean sea and feel the fresh breeze pour into your bedroom.
But wait, it gets better. The Master Suite’s private bathroom also has this amazing glass wall surrounding the bathtub. At first, you may feel a little embarrassed - what if someone sees?! But not to worry, as the garden you’re gazing upon from the comfort of your bathroom’s jacuzzi is completely secluded by greenery. 
But that isn’t to put the rest of the bedrooms or bathrooms to shame. All it takes is one look at any given room to ensure that they are just as well-detailed and beautiful in their own way. For example, this enormous marble bathroom boasts a double sink, a lovely bathtub, walk-in shower and coral stone detailing.
The living and dining room has a warm, inviting feel with its colonial-styled furniture and decor, perfect to sit down and relax with a good book.
Now if you thought the interior was exquisite, wait till you see the outside. The entire villa was inspired by Oliver Messel, whose style consisted of mixing baroque and classical design to make elegant theatrical stages back in the early 1950s. In the 60s, when Messel purchased a home on a small beach on the St.James coast, he remodelled the entire property and filled it with his signature design using flattened arches, columns, and mostly white-on-white interiors with the occasional splash of colour. His style became very popular in the Caribbean and inspired many to design their homes like he did, just like this one.
This estate features linked pavilions accessed using arched verandas which offer unforgettable views of the ocean and the iconic peaks of the Pitons at any time of the day. If you enjoy your meals al fresco, you will love the two-story breakfast gazebo right above the pool.

Speaking of the pool, look at that monstrous thing! The infinity-edge swimming pool seems endless because it wraps around the front and back of the property - taking a “lap” around the pool may leave you breathless!
Another nifty feature is the pool’s private bar which can only be accessed once you pass the veil of water from the pool’s waterfall. How’s that for all-inclusive?
Residents of Arc en Ciel also have full access to the nearby Viceroy Resort ’s five-star service including the beach, spa services, entertainment and dining venues. 

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