These Private Jet Interiors Actually Exist—And They're Next Level Luxury

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Jet manufacturers are constantly looking to produce the next most powerful, or longer ranged, aircrafts. Similar to them are the companies that design the custom cabin interiors, working towards more efficiency, attractiveness, and comfort.

One element interior jet designers are always keeping in mind, surprisingly, is weight. Every ounce shaved off the interior allows for additional fuel capacity and efficiency, extending the aircraft’s range. Operating costs go down with weight, too: according to an estimate from Colin Sirett, the head of research and technology for Airbus in the United Kingdom, an extra kilogram can translate to roughly $1 million in operating costs over the lifespan of an aircraft. So custom shops understand every point counts in a business jet.

Another challenge for the designers is making sure the jet not only has the best and latest technology, but is integrated into the design smartly and conveniently.

“When you’re driving up to your aircraft in your modern automobile, you don’t want to take a step back in time when you get on your airplane,” said Daron Dryer, the vice president of engineering at Comlux America. “We have to take all that integration, all that easy user interface that our customers would expect in a high-end automobile, and surpass it.”

In turn, new technology creates more possibilities for multifunctional interiors.

“The aircraft-grade galley components, like coffee makers, espresso machines, and even cooktops, are becoming lighter and more aesthetically pleasing,” Dryer says. “Before we had to hide them behind partitions and walls; now we can integrate them into the cabin, so you can use the same space for dining and working and socializing. These new components help to create an open and modern look, with a few large spaces instead of a lot of smaller rooms.”

Check out some of the insane interiors these designers came up with for their custom cabins.


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