Let’s face it: getting up and making you sure you have all you supplies for the day can be kind of a drag. You have your wallet with your cash and cards, then a smaller case to hold your tablet, your messenger bag to hold everything together and somehow, DAMNIT, you forgot your charger again…or you earbuds of pens or sunglasses or what-have-you.

Thankfully, not everyone wants to watch the world burn. Some people actually want to help you get from A-to-B without all the hassle. To make a life a little easier, HuckBerry and This Is Ground have come together to make tablet and laptop cases geared for those of us who tend to forget everything.

These cases are both sleek and practical in design, plus made in the USA with Italian leather to boot. They have a spot for practically everything you could ever need to hold: pens, earbuds, pencils, car keys, business/credit/debit cards- you name it, they can hold it.

Available in a variety of designs and leather colors, they can hold anything from 15 inch laptops to cellphones and everything in between.

Whether you’re gifting that special someone in your life (or if that special someone is you- treat yourself!), there is are definitely worth the price tag.

[ Source: Airows ]