Thermoelectric humidors?

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The lower the temperature the lower the RH, so you need more humidification ay 65° than you would at 70°. I am not sure how much Heartfelt beads you need at that temp. Most people who use HCM beads use 1.5-2lbs for a 28 bottle Vino.

(Not trying to push the HCM Beads, just trying to provide a reference point).

I am a big believer in air circulation -- although there are just as many BOTLs who say it is not needed. I use little RV Refrigerator fans that run off of D-cell batteries. If your wine cooler does not have an internal fan I would recommend that you add some circulation.

Finally, as others have said it can take a while for your wine cooler to reach equilibrium. Like seasoning any humidor the wood shelves need to absorb moisture and this takes time. Be patient and enjoy some cigars while going through this process! :D
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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