Thermoelectric humidors?

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A temperature controlled humidor is ideal if you live in a hot region and/or if the humidor will be in a house with high and fluctuating temperatures. If so then yes, it's a must. If you live in a place where the temperature is relatively steady then you don't really need temperature controlled. This particular humidor is very bad. I've read several reviews about it and most people (8-9 out of 10) were not satisfied.

Here is one review page I found:

Vinotemp Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor Reviews |

There are several things to consider when buying a humidor.


How reliable is it? How frequently does it refill? Some need refill every week others everything 2 months.


How well is the humidor sealed? Very important factor as it will keep the humidity constant inside the humidor. Bad seal = bad humidor = bad cigars = bad mood = bad day = bad ass attitude = bad story :lol:


Analog hygrometer are extremely inaccurate. Their margin of error is between 10 to 20%. If it reads 70%, it could mean 60% or 80%. Only buy, replace to and rely on the digital ones; most also display temperature reading. Like the following:

To summarize, look for a humidor with good/excellent seal and humidity control first and then look for temperature control if it is required.

Also, always buy a bigger humidor than you need. You will soon run out of space and if you don't, your cigars will "breathe" better.
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Im learning this the hard way... and i thought a 50 count would be fine :whistle:
Exactly, from 50 cigars to 50 boxes of cigars! :lol:
I built my own, using a thermoelectric Cuisinart wine fridge and outfitting it with cedar drawers and humidity beads.

I have steam heat and the temp in my apartment was always too high and I was trashing my cigars. I decided to give this a shot and it has been the best investment for my cigars. It works like a charm :)
That's very nice. You pretty much have what Liebherr did expect I am sure yours didn't cost 2500$.

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I found a good local deal on one of these bad boys and just may pick it up to do a little DIY project and line with cedar. Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler DWC518BLS Stainless: Kitchen & Dining

I would buy a known and reputable brand if I were you i.e. Cuisinart, Sub-Zero, etc for that money.

Where is the best place to source the drawers?
Give Bob from Aristocrat Humidors a call and he can custom make any size cedar drawers you want. He's a custom humidor maker located in Texas. Fantastic man.

Humidors & Aristocrat Cabinet Humidors
Ahhh, Thanks guys. I was searching for cedar drawer and not getting good results.

Hovy - I am paying $200 for the deal so its a screaming buy considering its $800 new and these people never unboxed it. Will do some searching on trays and see what I can find that I like.
Makes sense now. Very good deal then. As far as the drawers are concerned. As long as it's made out of cedar, you're fine.

Let us know how it goes. All the best.
How long have you had it for? Reaching desired RH can take up to 2 weeks. Sometimes more.

Here is something that will help:

What are the ideal conditions for cigar storage?

Cigars are affected by light, temperature, humidity, and friction. Cigars should never be exposed to ultraviolet light (especially directly). Light will bleach the cigar wrapper, making it less elastic and more likely to tear or rip. Ultraviolet light also changes the molecular composition of the wrapper leaf in a rolled cigar. Direct light will also likely raise the temperature in your humidor.

Temperature is an important factor in cigar storage for two reasons: it affects humidity, and higher temperatures may make tobacco beetles active, allowing them to devour your cigars. Try to avoid temperatures above 75 degrees F in your humidor.

Humidity is relative to temperature, thus the term "relative humidity" (RH). Most people prefer their cigars at about 70% RH, however your cigars will not be harmed at levels ranging from 65% to 75% RH.

Warm air has a higher moisture capacity than cold air. All hygrometers measure the moisture content of the air at a given temperature. If you change the temperature in an enclosed space without changing the amount of moisture, the RH will change. For example, in the morning the hygrometer in your humidor indicates 70% (if it is a round, brass analog unit it could actually be between 60% and 80%) and the room temperature is about 72 degrees. As the day progresses, the temperature in the room rises to 80 degrees. If your humidor follows the room temperature, you will see that the hygrometer will indicate that the relative humidity has dropped to about 60%. Where did the moisture go? It didn't go away, rather, the elevated temperature has changed one of the criteria (temperature and humidity) that the hygrometer uses to indicate the Relative Humidity. The actual humidity or moisture content on your humidor is unchanged.

Friction will cause more damage to cigars than most of the other factors. For proof, just take a close look at some of the loose cigars in the walk-in humidor of your tobacconist. When loose cigars are moved, they can become scuffed, rubbed and jostled so that the wrapper tears. Once a tear starts, it's hard to stop, however there are several vegetable-based adhesives on the market that will allow you to repair small wrapper tears.

source: Cigar Storage Tips | Storing Cigars | Cigar Mold | Cigar Storage
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Just started it up today.
SHould I have waited to move into it?
I would. I'd make sure RH is reached and even wait an extra day or two to make sure it's stable. 35% is way too low. What's your temp set at?

You may not have enough source of humidity. Have you checked how much you need for a certain volume?
Temp is at 65. I have no idea how much source of humidity I need.
Based on the description, your cooler has a volume of 5.1 cu. ft. and temperature goes only up to 64.

Ideal temperature should be around 70. Because temperature is lower (64-65), you would want to reach a higher RH than 70; I'd say 72. Don't forget, the lower the temp, the more humidity you need (and vice versa). But you're perfectly fine at 64/65F and 70RH.

For the source of humidity, the following link is exactly what you need: 1 pound of beads for 5 cu/ft of volume. All you need to do is spray distilled water on the bead (beads in anything new plastic i.e. flat and large tupperware).

Cigar Humidor Beads: Cheap Humidors Cigar Humidor Cigar Accessories


they also have cedar drawers:

Cedar Cigar Tray with Divider: Cheap Humidors Cigar Humidor Cigar Accessories

and you'll need one of these (most digital hygrometers require calibration, rarely a out of the box ready solution. Go with one that has a calibration feature):

Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer
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