Thermoelectric humidors?

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I built my own, using a thermoelectric Cuisinart wine fridge and outfitting it with cedar drawers and humidity beads.

I have steam heat and the temp in my apartment was always too high and I was trashing my cigars. I decided to give this a shot and it has been the best investment for my cigars. It works like a charm :)


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Where is the best place to source the drawers?
I got mine from cheaphumidors . com

There are other places on the web that sells them too. You can always do a search for "cedar cigar tray" and see what pops up.
Temp is at 65. I have no idea how much source of humidity I need.
One more thing, you might need to add a fan to help circulate the humidity. Mine is small enough it wasn't needed, but I have read that a lot of guys use a small fan to help move the air around.

As mentioned by others, I would wait until the humidity is where you want it before you transfer over the sticks.

Also, temperature affects humidity so as your temp changes you will notice that humidity will too.

Good luck!

Oh, it looks great :)
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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