Thermoelectric humidors?

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I found a good local deal on one of these bad boys and just may pick it up to do a little DIY project and line with cedar. Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler DWC518BLS Stainless: Kitchen & Dining

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I built my own, using a thermoelectric Cuisinart wine fridge and outfitting it with cedar drawers and humidity beads.

I have steam heat and the temp in my apartment was always too high and I was trashing my cigars. I decided to give this a shot and it has been the best investment for my cigars. It works like a charm :)
Where is the best place to source the drawers?
Ahhh, Thanks guys. I was searching for cedar drawer and not getting good results.

Hovy - I am paying $200 for the deal so its a screaming buy considering its $800 new and these people never unboxed it. Will do some searching on trays and see what I can find that I like.
Ok, I am rolling now but my problem is getting the humidity up to 70%. I have a tub of crystals in but its hanging around 35%. Does it need to acclimate before it comes up or should I take evasive action?

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Just started it up today.
SHould I have waited to move into it?
Temp is at 65. I have no idea how much source of humidity I need.
Thanks guys. What a fun little project. I am learning alot with your help!

The RH is too low so I am going to wait till I get it ideal to put sticks back in.
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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