The World's Longest Building is a Unicorn in the Sky

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LOL world's tallest building, stop trying so hard.

Billed as the longest building in the world, this Manhattan tower rises and then slumps over and finds its way to the ground once again. This, of course, would require a revolutionary elevator design which would need to travel horizontally and in loops.

“The Big Bend” was designed by studio Oiio and would stretch 4,000 feet in length, straddling Billionaire’s Row on 57th street.

Being the longest structure in the world means, when stretched out, it would tower over the likes of the Shanghai Tower, Abraj Al-Bait Tower and the One World Trade Center.

The designs were revealed in a bid to work around New York City’s zoning laws. While we hope Oiio’s designs come into fruition, we hope the condominium designs on the inside will be just as exciting as the outside!
[ Source: DailyMailUk ]

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