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More performance, more sound, & improved looks. A rather simple request from this local customer of ours who doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to getting what he wants. Novitec’s sport springs and the Polished HRE P201’s wrapped in 255 & 335 Pirelli’s do the job improving the stance and handling characteristics of this shooting brake. The iPE performance exhaust steps in taking care of the extra power while truly opening up that naturally aspirated V12 roar. Over the years the FF platform’s popularity has surprised us tremendously and we can’t wait to turn heads with a few Lusso builds real soon. 😉

Wheel Specs:
HRE P201
Wheel Size: 21”x9.5” || 22”x12”
Wheel Finish: Polished Clear
Tires: Pirelli P Zero
Tire Size: 255/30/21 || 335/25/22
Suspension: Novitec Sport Springs
Exhaust: iPE Full Performance Exhaust

Also Available: 20” Sizing || 3-Piece Configuration (S201) // Gloss, Satin, Stone, & Brushed Finishes

Visit us at Wheels Boutique & contact us for details, availability, and pricing on HRE Wheels Pirelli Tires, Novitec Parts, & iPE Exhausts. Tell us what you think by commenting below!

For more photos of this vehicle visit:
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