Las Vegas — the home of sex, alcohol and blackjack — is also the home of luxury accommodation. Known for its guilty pleasures and hard parties, Vegas can only be conquered with a pocket full of cash (and Aspirin). So if you’re gonna do it right, withdraw your life’s savings and start off by booking the most luxurious hotel suite you can find. To help you prepare for a trip of a lifetime (and one you probably won’t remember), we’ve compiled a list of Sin City's most luxurious hotels. Check out these glorious properties in a land where you go big or you don’t go at all:

1. Sky Villa, The Palms | $40,000/night

It doesn’t get sexier than this. Equipped with a Playboy pool that overlooks the city and ceiling mirrors that overlook your bed, you’re guaranteed to have a night to remember (except you probably won’t remember anything at all).


2. The Nobu Villa, Caesars Palace | $35,000/night

Designed by David Rockwell, this 3-bedroom beauty is the hotel’s only rooftop villa, and it comes with everything you’ve ever dreamed of including a round-trip airport ride via limousine.


3. 6-Bedroom Palazzo Suite, Rio | $9,000/night

Frequented by celebrities, this is the best spot to gather your friends and pour expensive champagne. And don't worry: if you run out of bubbly, you can ask your private butler to bring you another bottle.


4. The Villas, The Mirage | $7,000/night

Here, you and your beautiful guests can walk around buck naked thanks to the secluded outdoor area designed for all forms of entertainment.

5. Napoleon Suite: Paris Las Vegas | $5,000/night

Fit for high rollers and big ballers, this gigantic suite is a great option for anyone with an inferiority complex.

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