Even the most knowledgeable car connoisseurs may not be aware of the Chinese automotive research and development firm Techrules. That’s not too shocking, as the company is so new, they don’t even have a viable website.

They’ve likely put all their marketing money into their supercar concepts, which should have Techrules become a household name sooner rather than later. The startup has revealed two models so far – the AT96 and GT96 supercar concepts, a track and road model, respectively.

The company’s calling card will be their revolutionary, turbine-recharging electric vehicle technology – or TREV, for short. Joining six electric models, the AT96 possesses 1,030 brake-horsepower, a 0-62mph time of 2.5 seconds, and a jaw-dropping maximum torque of over 6,372 foot-pounds. All that ferocity is housed in a carbon fiber monocoque, coming in at a slim 3,042 lbs.

If the technological advancements sound too good to be true, Techrules is assuring they do have a working prototype of the turbine-powered vehicle. It’s not for certain that the AT96 will be the company’s inaugural supercar, as they’re working on limited production runs of other TREV-fueled cars.

Hopefully they’ll have a functioning website for us to check out their work by then.