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Specialty Car Craft picked a very special car for one of their most unique projects - the Jaguar XJ220S TWR, one of only five in the world - the "Million Dollar" Jaguar,

Painted in a one-of-a-kind matte Reventon Grey color, the car was also fitted with custom exhaust to accent the 700-horsepower Twin Turbo V6.

Specialty Car Craft said it was an honor to be able to work on this piece of automotive history.
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niiiice. that car is amazing.

I've seen quite a few cars wearing the SCC plate around BH. looks like you guys are doing well.
Thank you very much.

If the owner of a million dollar Jaguar XJ-220S trusts us to paint his car using a beautiful matte finish, you can too.

Bring your car to us for a whole new look. We will bring a smile to your face. :)
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