The Prettiest Helicopter Money Can Buy

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Soon, the days of crummy two or four-seater helicopters will be over. Thanks to the introduction of the Bell FCX-001 Concept, the future of helicopter design is bright, as this concept is smarter, more efficient, safer, easier to fly and (let’s be honest) pretty aesthetically pleasing.

Although it is just a concept, the engineers and graphic designers who took six months to design the FCX-001 basically created a road map for future helicopters to come.

Inside this concept is a hybrid propulsion system that is both simpler to operate and maintain plus an anti-torque system in the tail boom, making rides much safer and quieter (no more yelling over the noise).

The FCX-001 also features morphing rotor blades and an enhanced flight deck so the pilot isn’t completely overwhelmed. Oh, and did we mention the cabin easily fits up to eight people!?

All passengers can connect with the helicopter’s augmented-reality systems so each person can be doing their own thing without being interrupted. The person on your right can be sharing documents for an important meeting while the person on your left can watch the latest world news.

For now, Bell says the FCX-001 is merely the first step to creating helicopters of the future and their engineers are still working on the concept behind closed doors.

[ Source: RobbReport ]

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