Not many cars can rock the no-paint job, but not many cars are like the Ferrari Enzo. The only Enzo to leave the factory in nothing but its bare bones carbon fiber shell is up for grabs at Exotic Motors Midwest, and the one-off is arguably cooler than its painted brethren.
You’d think there’d be a discount with this Enzo – less paint=less work, right? – though that’s not the case with Ferrari. It's up on Dupont Registry for $3.5 Million — fair sum more than your standard painted luxury cars.
This one-off is almost a fable, coming from the limited line of 400 Enzos. Built as a tribute to Mr. Ferrari himself, it packs a 6.0L V12 tuned to 651 hp and 485 lb-ft. The transmission is a single clutch automated manual, taken from the Formula 1 team.
Rather than listing specs, all you need to know is the Enzo has dominated the supercar scene for nearly a decade, and there isn’t an Enzo like this one on the planet. It’s simply a must-own for Ferrari aficionados and rare car hunters alike.