The Mercedes G500 4x4 2  is a mountain of a vehicle that’s impossible not to notice on the streets, even in factory-standard condition. The wide, flared wheel arches and towering height is imposing, making lesser SUVs shake in its shadow.

So you can only picture how menacing the G500 became once Mansory tuners got their hands on it, crafting the Mansory G500 4x4 2 . The car modifiers and carbon fiber specialists’ version of the G-Class is untouchable, decked out in carbon upgrades, a top of the line interior finish, and significant performance advancements.
What’s become Mansory’s calling card, the G 500 is shielded by carbon fiber everywhere, featuring a new front spoiler with prominent LED headlights and new hood. The flanks and roof of the luxury car are adorned with carbon fiber, too.

Besides bodywork, Mansory vastly improved the power with the new Mansory Powerbox. Adding it to the sports exhaust system gives the 4x4 an extra 47 kW (63 PS), and a 100 Nm increase in torque.

The interior is dripping with pure luxury, from the total revamp of furnishings stitched by hand, to the command and control centre that’s designed around the sports steering wheel.
As a final nifty feature, Mansory installed a step which automatically extends to help you climb into the cockpit; the Mansory team calls it the ‘stairway to heaven’.

...Hey, they’re god-like car tuners, not marketers.