Dallara’s highly anticipated road car has finally made its debut, marking the motorsport manufacturer’s foray into the world of  road cars .

Dallara’s first-ever road car is called the Stradale, which is appropriate seeing as ‘stradale’ is Italian for ‘road’. The first example was delivered to company founder Gianpaolo Dallara on November 16th, which is also the day of his 81st birthday. The manufacturer plans on building around 600 examples of its track-ready two-seater over the next five years at a starting price of around €155,000 (about $182,000 USD).

Powering this mid-engine track-special is the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder  engine  found in the  Ford Mustang EcoBoost  in Focus RS, which has been boosted to make around 400 horsepower thanks to some new engine management software supplied by Bosch. The transmission is a six-speed manual, but Dallara plans to eventually introduce a single-clutch automated gearbox as well. Other important performance bits include optional adjustable dampers, sticky track-spec tires and an oil pressure accumulator.

The Stradale will weigh just 855 kilograms, or about 1884 lbs. This low figure is afforded by the carbon fiber tub, light aluminum subframes and carbon body panels. With the optional rear wing equipped, the car will produce a significant 815 kilograms of downforce (1796 lbs). This helps the Stradale achieve an incredible 2g of cornering force under normal conditions, Dallara says, which is just .4 less than a McLaren P1.

The first Dallara Stradale examples will be delivered to customers this week. The automaker has already sold out the first model year of cars, but as we mentioned above, the Italian company is planning a production run of 600 cars over 5 years, so there’s still plenty of time to get in on this new track day special.