Aston Martin  tore the sheet off a new one-off Vantage GT12 Roadster, designed by its Q customization arm. 

Normally a hardtop coupe, the roof has been chopped off this Vantage to allow the passengers to enjoy open-air motoring and to properly hear the naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12 that has been cranked up to 591 horsepower.
This car took nine months to conceive and build, with plenty of custom carbon fiber body panels needed to accommodate the new roof. Aston also revised the  suspension  and finished the car with a unique paint shade.
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This is the most extensive custom job that Q has undertaken to date for a customer and Aston calls it a “significant landmark.” Initially, the Q service was providing personalized colors and trims.
“The Vantage GT12 Roadster is a hugely exciting project. Not just because it’s sensational to look at, but because it vividly demonstrates the expanded capabilities of Q by Aston Martin,” said Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin president and CEO.

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