The Luxury Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dad Who Has Everything

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Your dad’s a hero. He’s the guy that taught you how to tie your laces, catch a ball, and gave you the confidence to succeed more than once in your life. He’s also extremely polite when you get him the same ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug every Father’s Day.

That’s a fine gift from the heart, but there are some wicked gifts that’ll even surprise the guy who’s seen it all. If you can’t figure out what to get dad (and have thousands, and thousands, and thousands of extra dollars to blow), we’ve compiled a list of luxury father’s day gifts for the dad who has everything. From rare collectibles to outrageously unneeded technology, every father can get a kick out of these presents.

And if your dad happens to already own one or two items on our list, we really hope you’ve been paying attention to the old man’s wisdom.
The World’s Most Realistic Racing Simulator: $185,000

Your dad probably hated chauffeuring you around when you were small – but he still loves to drive.

It doesn’t get much better than the most realistic car racing experience available through this simulator. Ford Motors uses this technology to demonstrate ride experiences; it uses linear servo actuators that roll, pitch, and rotate the chassis 360 degrees at up to 0.5G acceleration.

The simulator dips and pushes to reproduce actual racing conditions, like entering a turn at 200mph, or moving up a bank in the slipstream of an opponent. Its two paddle gear shifters, steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and clutch all come from real race cars that have been modded for simulator use.

There’re 12 cars to choose from – plus stock, GT, F1, and F3 models – and 16 courses, taken in on a 108″-wide, triple HD monitor display with a 500-watt audio system. Maybe this could double as a sweet personal home theatre for your dad, too.

Gibson 1959 Les Paul Precise Replica: $10,499

For the dad that grew up listening to the Rolling Stones and the Doors, he’ll appreciate this fine piece of craftsmanship from Gibson. The Custom Shop offers a very limited number of “Gruhn ‘Burst” Les Pauls, completely hand-crafted with True Historic features.

With a sound distinct from other Les Pauls thanks to the re-created neck profile and top carve,  the Gruhn ‘Burst guitar matches that ’59 tone that will take your dad back.

Golf Cart Hovercraft: $58,000

Maybe your dad doesn’t have the best golf game, and spends a fair amount of time off the fairway.

Help your dad’s ball retrieval efficiency with this robust, golf cart hovercraft. No ponds or roughs can stop its 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine. When he’s back on the fairway, the nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan propels the craft up to 45 mph and 9″ off the ground, avoiding any damage to a blade of grass.

Or say your dad’s game is solid, and he wants to improve his round times. Why drive around a pond or water obstacle when you can travel over it? He’ll fly through 18-hole outings, and may even get to sneak a few 9’s in when the family least expects it.

Great Gatsby-First Edition: $75,000

To complete your father’s personal library, adding a coveted first edition of the Great Gatsby would be the crown to his collection.

This one-of-a-kind antique from Bauman Rare Books is in superb condition for such an old, rare piece. Written in 1922, F. Scott Fitzgerald told his publisher: “I want to write something new—something extraordinary and beautiful and simple and intricately patterned.”

Three years later, the Great Gatsby was the triumphant result. It may not be a book dad will read in the backyard on weekends, but there’s no doubt it would add serious cool factor to his book collection.

1969 Extraordinary Cask Whisky: $7,000

No dad can say no to a high-end, rare whisky, and it doesn’t get any better (or more exclusive) than this ’69 Cask Whisky.

The only problem with this whisky is you don’t know whether to drink it or display it – there are just 133 Extraordinary bottles in the world.

54-inch professional line grill: $8,299

Your dad’s been bragging to the neighbourhood again: he’s the most bad-ass BBQ-er on the block, and will challenge any dad who says otherwise.

This 54-inch, professional line grill can salvage your father’s reputation with the community. Those high-heat brass burners can cook through anything, while making your dad look like a real pro when it's fired up.

Safari in Africa: Villa rates start at $5,700

The all-inclusive Matetsi Private Game Reserve received a $10 million rebuild and renovation job, opening luxury tours like and Beyond’s Matetsi River Lodge and Matetsi River House. Is there a cooler place to send your dad than a safari in Africa?

The Zimbabwe getaway is on one of the largest wildlife concessions in the area, the private villa offers visitors a luxurious safari experience with breathtaking views of the Zambezi River.

Along with land-based safaris, guests can enjoy activities including zip lining, fishing, and bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge. Make sure your dad remembers his camera!


Fendi Monster Slip-On Sneaker: $700

These days, your dad can more often than not be found in lounge-mode, enjoying his new-found freedom from raising you and your siblings.

Support his laissez-faire lifestyle with real luxury suede sneakers from one of Italy’s top designers. Fendi Monster Slip-On Sneaker is more comfortable and stylish than any other shoe your dad’s tried on, trust us.

To push your gift over the top, send your dad on a man-pedi adventure so he can show off his sneakers. Who knows, maybe he’ll enjoy it – and even if he doesn’t, it’ll be funny from your perspective.


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