Travelers have been making their way to Japan for centuries in search of peace and tranquility – and many have found it. Thankfully, when builders, architects and designers come together with the same Japanese minimalist theme, magic happens… and that’s exactly what the team at PUDDLE did to create this tranquil home in Japan.

Designed with lots of open spaces and raw materials, the Kinosaki residence is the ideal place to come home to after a hard day’s work. The kitchen and dining room is combined, divided only by the long island which hosts the sink, range, and all your tableware neatly displayed and ready to go.

Across the kitchen is a dining table, perfect for cozy dinners with family members.

If you’d prefer some more light while you munch on breakfast, a smaller round table is also readily available.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the living room, featuring the same exposed wooden beams against the ceiling for a sense of continuity. The furniture is subtle and its color inspired by nature, making it a wonderful place to share some tea with friends or quietly read a book.

Down a flight of stairs you’ll find the bedrooms, featuring basic furniture without  frills.

This particular bathroom holds a funky triangular vanity, tucked neatly into the corner.

Others offer a little bit more of a modern touch with an elevated sink, but still having that same simple, rustic feel with the teak floors and stone walls.

The basement remains unfinished, which may be for the best. After all, the best place for your mind to wander and play is in a space where you aren’t afraid to get a little messy!

We can definitely find our inner peace in this spectacular home.

[ Source: Airows ]