If you’re one of the unlucky folks who wasn’t able to attend a recent auction which sold off The King’s one and only private jet, we regret to inform you that the deal of the century has just taken off.

The engine-less 1962 Lockheed Jetstar wsold for approximately $430,000 at a recent California auction.

The jet still features the same interior designed to Elvis’ specifications including the woodwork, red velvet seats, red carpet, and gold hardware. We have to admit, the interior looks a little run-down but what would you expect when the jet has been sitting in Roswell, New Mexico for three decades!

While the buyer certainly has their work cut out for them, they are also given the jet’s original paperwork which is littered with Elvis’ signature.

To be sky-worthy once again (or at least eye candy), the jet will need to be equipped with engines and need a complete restoration, including the cockpit. But we’re certain that when the jet is restored to its former glory, it will be worth millions.

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