The Inside of This Massive Luxury Private Jet is More Insane Than You Can Imagine

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Taking the title of most luxurious private jet is tough, with every aviator trying to one-up the latest modern models. Just when you think you’ve found the most incredible luxury private jet on the planet, something like the new Boeing 787-8 from China’s HNA Aviation Group comes along, and its back to the judge’s panel.

The enormous 787 BBJ offers 2,400 sq. ft. for 39 passengers to comfortably lounge in, with a range of 9,800 miles when fully loaded with passengers, luggage, and fuel.
Kestrel Aviation Management navigated the construction of this five-star hotel in the sky. Numerous 787s have been converted from passengers’ service to private use jets before, but this is the first Dreamliner built specifically as a Boeing Business Jet.
The interior of the aircraft is the jewel of the crown, built entirely from scratch. It took a year to engineer the inside, and another year and half to fabricate and install everything. The effort is seen in the results, redefining a typical jet interior into an uber-luxurious hotel. Eighteen full-flat, first class sleeper seats highlight the guest cabin.
A standard 787-8 carries a fat price tag of $224.6 million, so we can only imagine how much this souped-up version will go for. The quality of the airplane’s food, and in-flight films, is yet to be determined (hey, it’s still important for some us).

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