Pot calling the kettle black much?

Gordon Murray was the pen behind the visceral and vicious McLaren F1, McLaren's first foray into road cars--Gordon seems to think that Aston Martin's new million dollar machine is a bit, er, impractical.

“I can look under the lovely body, because I know Marik and Adrian,” Murray told Wired . “Underneath it’s just a racing car.”

And the McLaren F1 was what? It was the first road going car to make use of a carbon-fiber monocoque, a staple in Formula 1 cars of the era.

“I keep reading that it’s going to be a usable everyday road car, and it patently isn’t,” Murray continued. “I think they’re going to have massive issues in trying to pack stuff in."

Again, how was that different from the McLaren F1?

I present to you exhibit A:

The McLaren F1 offered two cubby-holes on either side for luggage. You could barely bring groceries home in that thing and Murray is worried about the Aston?

While Murray can certainly appreciate the precision Adrian Newey has baked into the AM-RB 001 it's no longer something that appeals to the former Formula 1 man.

“I love the look of the car, and I love the challenge, but if I had to do the F1 over again, it’s not the direction I would go.

“I would stick entirely to the F1’s concept and usability, but bring it up to date with new technology.”