For half a decade, the Taylor Lynn Foundation and goldRush Rally have joined forces to help children in need through their cross-country road rally experience. Every year they up the ante, and this year is the coolest road rally yet.
Featuring more than 100 cars, the event will have city-to-city rallies, drag strip, and track experience all throughout the day and into the night.

The main event, the cross-country road rally, will span eight days and eight nights. Starting on May 13 th , participants will cruise from Boston to Los Angeles, with stops in Washington D.C., Charlotte, Nashville, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

As apart of the ‘Be A Hero’ campaign, goldRush are sending five teams in support of the Taylor Lynn Foundation’s event. The five cars—The Hulk, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman and DeadPool—will join the convoy and race across the country to raise funds and spread awareness.
You can be a hero too by contributing towards your favorite goldRush Super Hero cars in the rally. Each car is hoping to raise $20,000 to the cause – so choose your favorite super hero, and do your part if you can!

As a special incentive, every $100 donation gives you a chance to win the Arachnophobia , a ridiculously wicked clock that retails for $17,000.
Check out the donation page , and support your favorite super hero, and the kids they’re racing for.