The First 3.2l A4 with Downpipes

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So, I've been bored and fed up with my Neuspeed catback for a couple of reasons.. mainly I'm bored of the sound, but also the thing is just a piece of crap.. when 034 was done with the work this week I had them just throw the Neuspeed system out.. which brings us to the question: what did 034 do for you?? Over the past couple of weeks, I picked up a set of Fast Intentions 2.5" downpipes for a B6 S4 (with HFC's) and a MotorKlasse 2.5" catback exhaust (also for a B6 S4) made out of titanium. Going into it, we knew that we'd have to change some flanges and add about a foot of piping between the downpipes and catback, but other than that.. things should have gone smoothly. What we learned: The flanges at the exhaust manifold/hot side of the downpipe DO need to be changed, the O2 sensors are in different places, you DO need to fab up that 1-2 foot section between DP's and catback, but other than that: it all fits.. Moral of the story: if you have a 3.2 and want downpipes, go find a good deal on some S4 downpipes in the classifieds and have them modified (much cheaper than getting custom ones made). I had the work done at 034 Motorsport and got baseline/after dyno's BUT it was 60 degrees the day we did the baseline, and 100 degrees when we did the after dyno.. So, I will be going back once it cools off and will post the dyno's when that happens.. only looking to see a few HP, so no point in running heat-soaked runs..

YouTube - GrantA43.2Dyno.MOV
(more later)


I'm going to be washing the car today, taking more pics/vids .. update later today or tomorrow

What made this project a complete pain in the ass for a couple of days:

^That's one of the cat's that were in the F.I. downpipes I bought.. damage is on the engine side of the cat, and there were some varying opinions on how damage like that occurs.. It set us back a day in the process, but luckily 034 stocks high flow cat's identical to the ones F.I. uses, and the downpipes seller has agreed to reimburse me for some of the $$ .. I was driving around a crappy E36 with no 1st gear, so getting my B7 back has never felt better .. it sounds so pissed off now!
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Looking forward to hearing it :)

Any reason you didn't just gut the DP's? Common with Suby DP's, but don't know if its common with Audi...
didnt want to run cat-less
Just wondering, don't know how many cats there are in an Audi system...

Subaru's come with 3 (UP,DP,Mid) so gutting and a CBE still leaves one and therefore no smell.
yeah my exhaust is fullback from the exhaust mani .. 1 high flow cat, 1 resonator, 1 muffler (per side)
Heard this yesterday, sounds so sick. Clean sound, congrats on the new exhaust dude
yeah my exhaust is fullback from the exhaust mani .. 1 high flow cat, 1 resonator, 1 muffler (per side)
Very nice....still looking forward to a sound clip ;)
my car just keeps getting better and better.
justin i told you its for sale and you didnt even respond

buy this thing so i can get to ordering Ti V2
Very nice....still looking forward to a sound clip ;)
did you see the clip of it on the dyno in the first post?

ill end up making a vid with some take-offs, fly-by's, etc but im unsure when this will happen
thanks man.. im enjoying it

just gonna leave this in here.. hahah
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oooooooo that sounded real nice! Car is lookin sexy as hell also
Im not a fan of audi but that car is sick...

I wanna hear it..
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