Pi Super Yacht’s Dragonship 25, an 82-foot trimaran concept powered entirely by the sun and sea, is close to entering production.

“We looked at many initial designs,” said Will O’Hara, CEO of Pi Super Yachts in the United Kingdom. “Ultimately, we decided to go with traditional, timeless styling for the yacht, while encasing the latest technologies inside of it.”

The entirely emissions-free boat includes solar panels that are connected to the sail, and ‘hydrogenesis technology’ that draws energy from the ocean. This tech leeches the hydrogen from the sea, running it into fuel cells to power the boat. Solar energy provides consistent battery power, too.

Without the needs for mass amounts of diesel or gasoline, the luxury yacht offers all the high-end amenities you’d expect: air conditioning, hot tubs, and an impressive 3,100-square-foot interior (which is customizable per boat).

One of the boat’s more innovative features is the Autosail rig, a wing sail that will work in synch with prevailing wind conditions. Sailing simplified.

“All sail handling is fully automated,” says Jack Manners-Spencer, who has been designing wing sails since the late 1980s. “The airfoil-shaped battens, like formers on an aircraft wing, fit snugly around the mast, so that the sail and mast rotate together without any twist. It’s a very efficient design.”

The yachts are in the final stages of funding, which O’Hara expects to be done by next year. The company has also created plans for a 263-foot trimaran called the Dragonship 80, a three-masted vessel that features the Autosail and hydrogenesis systems.